Virtual Scouting


This resource page was created by using links and information collected from various BSA sites. We will develop the page and add more information for scouting from home. As this method is grown we will find problems along the way as well as things that work very well. Your comments are appreciated. Please also refer to direct emails from Troop 50 and it's leadership. Please comment here.

We would like to introduce the

Scouting at Home Hub.

This hub is intended for Scouts, non-Scouts, parents and leaders as a resource during these weeks while Scouting is happening on a MUCH more local level. This resource is being continuously developed and will grow as more opportunities become available.

We have teams of volunteers and staff working together to create and curate content. Some content is created locally and other is sources from other Councils and the public sector.

You will find info for Cub Scouting and Scouts BSA as well as for unit leaders.

If you have questions, or would like to recommend additional resources, or if you would like to volunteer to help please reach out to our Director of Field Service, Rick Suhrbier at

Keep on Scouting!

Please remember that this page will be edited, information added, information retracted, etc. Please visit the page regularly to stay up to date on how to continue scouting in a virtual setting. We know that this does not replace the traditional scouting process but we need to ensure this aspect of our lives is not lost.

Board of Review Videoconferencing Suggestion:

Click here for PRB suggestions using videoconferencing

58 Merit Badges for Social Distancing:

Click here for 58 Merit Badges while social distancing

Conducting Virtual Scouting Meetings:

Click here for tips on conducting virtual scouting meetings

Scout Shop Online Shopping:

Click here for scout shop online shopping

BSA COVID-19 FAQ In-Person Activities & Advancement:

Click here for the BSA FAQ page

Cyber Chip Training for Scouts - REQUIRED for all scout levels to do Virtual Meetings/Activities:

Click here for the Scout Cyber Chip Training

ZOOM for Virtual Meetings (scout must have Cyber Chip from above):


Video Tutorials


FREE Sign Up Family Contracts for Online and Smartphone Safety (great place to start #2 for Cyber Chip):

Click Here for PDF contracts for download

DelMarVa Council Virtual Merit Badge Courses (free to DelMarVa Scouts):

Click Here to register for Merit Badge College