Troop Fees & Finances

Troop 50 does not charge traditional dues, however, after the budgeting is finished in August of the preceding Scout year each Troop family will be notified of the Scout's "fair share" of the annual budgeted troop expenses. This is simply the Troop's budget divided by the number of Scouts registered for the upcoming year. If a Scout enters the Troop later in the Scout year his fair share will be prorated accordingly.

Please note that the Troop 50 program provides year round activities. These activities teach skills, independence, leadership, build fitness, and are most of all fun. The Troop Committee is well aware that Boy Scouts competes for time and money with sports, band, church groups, etc. Given the costs of many of these other activities and the limited scope offered we believe Scouting offers a good value especially since we offer the youth the opportunity to earn money themselves.

Q: What does the Scout's "fair share" include?

A: The annual dues break-down is as follows:

  • Boy Scouts of America (BSA) annual Re-charter Fee

  • BSA Insurance Fee

  • Troop Program Fee

  • Contribution for the replacement of long term use/high-cost troop gear and facilities (troop owned camping gear, shed, trailer, etc.)

Q: What does the Troop Program Fee include?

A: The Troop Program Fee covers a portion of customary Scouting expenses such as Troop registration fees for district/council events, site reservation fees (for weekend camping), troop equipment (new/repairs), advancement expenses (i.e. rank & merit badges, etc.), Scout/Leader training program fees, Court of Honor expenses, and more.

Consistent with the Scout Law tenet of being "Thrifty", Troop 50 is committed to carefully managing its finances and resources responsibly and with transparency.

Q: What fundraising opportunities will my Scout have annually?

A: Troop 50 typically conducts only two to three main fundraisers per year: a pickle sale (Sept.), a wreath sale (Nov.), and our annual Pancake Breakfast (Dec.). Through a combination of these activities each Scout is expected to sell enough merchandise to reach his fair share target.

Typically most Scouts participate in the fundraisers and with a reasonable amount of effort can cover their fair share. In the event a Scout chooses not to participate in the fundraising opportunities or does not cover his full fair share, we request the family issue a check for all or remaining balance of the fair share fee. Checks should be made payable to "Boy Scout Troop 50" and turned in at the beginning of December.

Q: What is a Scout Account?

A: Scouts who successfully participate in fundraising that yields in excess of the program fair share for Troop expenses will have the surplus allocated to their own Scout Account.

Q: What can a Scout use his Scout Account for?

A: The Scout can use his Scout Account to cover typical Scouting expenses including:

  • Summer Camp

  • High Adventure Programs

  • Weekend Outings

  • Scout gear (uniforms, personal camping equipment, etc.)

  • Activities requiring a special fee (skiing, climbing, etc.)

  • Eagle expenses (Eagle project costs, Eagle Court of Honor, etc.)

Through your Scouts full participation in the fundraising he learns how to earn money and independently pay his own way through the Scouting program and making the experience all the more gratifying for him. It is not unusual for some Scouts-typically older Scouts who have developed fundraising "customer lists"-to independently cover the costs of Summer Camp and/or a High Adventure program.

Q: What if a Scout has a hardship?

A: Troop 50 has setup a program of fundraisers to make it relatively simple for every Scout to earn their own way throughout their Scouting career. We have been flexible with working with our Scout families on payment plans throughout the year. Please let us know if you need help.

Camperships to offset high costs for Summer Camp or other high cost activities are available confidentially for Scouts who may need financial assistance. See the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair to apply for this program offering.