Troop 50 has created a cookout virtually for scouts to send in their recipes and pictures of the dish or meal they completed. Video is also permitted. Please email Mr White by clicking here in order to have your entry reviewed and posted. Soon after, you will start to see entries added to our Facebook, Twitter, and below on this page.

So, get creative and show off your skills!

Please see the guidelines below:

Announcing the GREAT Troop 50 Cookout – At Home


  1. What we would like to do is have every Scout cook at least one item for their family.
    1. This can be a breakfast, lunch, dinner entree, or dessert, or even a full meal.
    2. This should be something that they may want to try and prepare for their patrol once we get back to camping.
  2. Your Scout should take a photo of what they prepare, the recipe used, and have their family critique they work.
    1. This is not a contest and it is really more for practice
    2. It is also a chance for experimentation.  Some things just may not be very good, or may be too difficult to make easily.  Something not so good is as acceptable as something that works well.  We want you to give it a go with whatever you find interesting.
  3. The photos and critiques will be posted on the Troop’s Facebook, Twitter, and Websites.
    1. You should send all photos and critiques to me and I will make sure they get posted.
  4. The Troop adults will be sending out to everyone some of their favorite recipes during this time as examples of what they have done on previous campouts.  However, each Scout is free to choose their own recipes, and we would encourage them to do this.  The internet is full of really great recipes not to mention all the cookbooks you probably have at home.  One of my go to books is “Scout’s Outdoor Cookbook”.  If you need ideas drop me an email.
  5. I have attached some tips for everyone to read, and I will be working on a condensed version of this to have to hand out when we are back.  These are only guidelines that may help each Scout think before they turn on the heat!
  6. Oh and one more thing.  This also means you need to do your own KP.  Do not leave a mess for Mom to clean up afterwards.


Note if you need to use a Dutch oven to cook outside contact me or another adult and we will be glad to check one out from the Troop shed.  However, you can use home type Dutch ovens, heavy cast iron pots, etc. for these types of recipes as well.

Cameron cooked us cheesesteaks and French fries Friday night. Fries were perfect and the meat was very flavorful. Satisfied our Capriottis craving! He says he’d make this on a camping trip but would slice the meat a bit thinner.

Aidan has been baking some banana bread!

August prepared grilled fish tacos with a lime avocado cream and homemade coleslaw. The tortillas were grilled too! It's a family favorite that he wanted to do again.

Alex made his family's pea soup recipe and it came out excellent! He also did KP to complete the job!

This evening, I made Polla Roma in a Dutch oven for my family. I used a whole chicken, chicken broth, cut up celery, red pepper, potatoes and carrots, rosemary, basil, parsley, salt and pepper, and prosciutto.

Brett getting back into cooking.
Made us grilled cheese & soup for lunch. Dad & Mom said this was delicious.
Dinner Brett made Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. Excellent. Even Bradley liked it!
Limited to what was in the house so was impressed he ventured into cooking.

Matthew and Anthony
The boys did their version of Shepherds Pie!

Nick made Dutch Oven Jambalaya and Apple Crisp!